At the heart of a DaaS cloud solution is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Each virtual desktop (VD) is created as a separate instance of your average desktop PC. The main difference is that all the operating system and productivity applications reside over the servers of the CSP.

First of all, a user will login to the VD using a device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. After successful login, the user experience will be exactly the same as a conventional PC. Another good thing about a VD is that it supports devices running different operating systems.

A user’s device can easily login to a VD whether it runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android. The user will mostly use a web browser to login to the VD. Access to each user is granted upon successfully entering the unique login credentials.

How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Works?

Regardless of the device used to access a VD, all the work and processes will be performed over the CSP’s infrastructure. When the user has completed the tasks, all the work will be saved over the cloud network. Another great advantage of a DaaS solution is that it can be accessed from any location that has internet.

Work Remotely Using Desktop as a Service Daas

Work Remotely Using Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

When a user is logged into DaaS, the desktop environment can be fully customized to the liking of each user. Secondly, all the resources used to execute a task will be sourced from the CSP instead of the login device. In theory, an unlimited number of users can be created over the DaaS infrastructure.

Each client is billed by the CSP on the basis of “Pay as You Use” model. This applies to the number of VDs created over the infrastructure of the CSP. The same billing method applies to any additional productivity applications that a client may want to avail from the CSP.

As soon as a user is done with the work, all that has to be done is logout from the VD. All the progress made will be safely stored in the cloud for future retrieval. DaaS is a highly flexible and productivity oriented cloud computing solution and companies of any size can deploy it.