Desktop as a Service Overview

It is one of the most common Cloud Computing Solutions. In Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions, a dedicated virtual desktop (VD) is provided by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for each user. From a user’s perspective, the VD works similar to a conventional desktop computer.

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DaaS Providers Responsibilty

In case of DaaS, the Cloud Service Provider is fully and solely responsible for the infrastructure. It mainly includes high cost equipment such as servers and data storage solutions. This eliminates the need for an organization to maintain its IT infrastructure in house, saving administrative and financial costs.

Apart from providing the hardware, the DaaS solution provider is also responsible for security of the organization’s business critical data. Firstly, it is easier to secure data at a central location. Secondly, CSPs have the requisite expertise and protocols to ensure cyber security.

How to Access DaaS?

The main difference with a DaaS solution is that all the back-end and data are stored at a single data center. This data center is fully maintained by a CSP. Further, all the productivity applications that a user employs will also be housed in the data center of the CSP.

In order to access the virtual desktop, a user can choose from a host of device platforms such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. At times, the user interface may also be provided by the CSP but generally, any web browser can be used to gain access to the virtual desktop.

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Which Organizations are Suitable for DaaS Solutions?

Each user will require unique login credentials to gain access to the VD. After successful login, a user will perform work over the VD and once done, all the work will be stored over the data center called a cloud. When a user logs out of the VD, the login device can be used for any other purpose.

Based on its inherent characteristics, DaaS is a highly flexible and versatile cloud based solution. It can fit the needs of small, medium and large sized organizations. By employing a quality DaaS solution, an organization can focus its energies on the core business instead of maintaining and upgrading IT hardware.