As soon as a decision is made to deploy a cloud computing solution, the challenge of selecting the most suitable one is at hand. The most obvious decision is to decide whether to go for an in-house Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or outsource a DaaS solution from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Works?

Why DaaS Solutions for Your Business?

Without delving into details, we can say that in most cases, an outsourced DaaS solution from a suitable CSP will be the most prudent choice. Let’s discuss a few qualifying circumstances that would necessitate a DaaS solution for any organization.

I.T Infrastructure

Setting up a data center in-house is a daunting and costly exercise. A lot of additional hardware has to be procured to support the data center and extract the desired performance. In addition to the equipment, there are many integration and configuration bottlenecks as well.

A DaaS solution is ideal for an organization that does not want to get into the troubles of setting up and maintaining a whole data center on its premises. It will not only save costs, but also a host of administrative and recurring operating expenses.

The obsolescence rate of IT hardware is quite rapid. This means that an organization will not only have to incur the initial setup cost, it will have to keep spending further to keep its hardware at par with the latest technology trends. In a DaaS infrastructure, all the costs associated with the solution’s hardware are borne by the CSP.

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Fluctuating Workforce Needs

A DaaS solution is also highly suitable for companies whose workforce needs vary with seasonal trends. The rapid scalability of a DaaS solution and that too, without any additional hardware make it an attractive proposition. During peak season, the company can quickly deploy additional Virtual Desktops (VD) and vice versa.

Remote Workforce

The trend of a remote workforce is constantly on the rise. Many companies are offering remote work in order to both improve employee retention rates and lower wages. An employee would be more than happy to work at a relatively less salary if showing up to the workplace is excused.

DaaS is also very effective in situations where the operations and workforce of a company are geographically dispersed. Even if a company’s employee is located in some other city or state, data still remains accessible over the same environment.

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Daas Desktop as a Service Lower Skilled It Staff

Lower Skilled I.T Staff

A DaaS solution is also very suitable for companies whose core business area is not related to IT. It would be rather cumbersome and costly for such an organization to engage highly skilled IT staff for managing its in house data center.

In case of DaaS, the IT infrastructure is maintained by the CSP and the solution employing company does not have to worry about it. This way, a company saves the cost of hiring mid to highly skilled IT staff.

Data Centrality

A DaaS solution is ideal for companies that want to maintain their business critical data at a single location. This is not only a better solution administratively, but also a more prudent approach in terms of cyber security. The data is updated at a single location and each user who accesses the relevant data will always be served with the latest info.

It is much more feasible to secure a central repository of data instead of securing many devices over which data is sporadically stored. Another risk of storing business critical data on local devices is that if such a device is lost or stolen, its data is exposed to the risk of being misused or stolen.

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Cost Cutting

Firstly, a company which goes for DaaS won’t have to bear the capital expense of setting up an in house data center. As the data center is maintained by the CSP, there would be no recurring operating expenses as well. DaaS provider will bill the company on a usage basis, and no fixed or hidden costs are involved.

Uniform Work Environment

In DaaS solutions, each user is served with a near uniform work environment. It means that there are no compatibility issues within the company which arise from using different variants or versions of a particular productivity application. This otherwise results in a uniform user experience across all virtual machines.

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Compliance Needs

A DaaS solution is also highly suitable for companies that deal either with sensitive or personal data. Some clients of such companies won’t entrust their data to the company unless its data centers meet certain compliance criteria. This can result either in losing valuable clients or landing into trouble for data breaches.

Today’s CSPs get their data centers certified for cyber security from independent 3rd parties. Even otherwise, CSPs deploy a multitude of security and user authentication protocols to make their DaaS solution impervious to external cyber threats.

Forecasting I.T Expenses

The costs associated with a DaaS solution are agreed beforehand and based on a usage mode. The more VDs a company employs, the more usage fee would it pay. Similarly, when a company does not require surplus VDs, it can easily decommission those virtual machines and thus, reduce the usage fee.

Given this convenience, it becomes easier and predictable to forecast most IT related costs. As no part of these costs is fixed, a DaaS tenant can also synchronize its cost estimates with seasonal trends. A DaaS solution will also make life easier for the company as higher usage fees will coincide with higher revenues in peak season.

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We have listed some of the major criteria which will necessitate a DaaS cloud computing solution for any company. There are a lot of DaaS providers in the market now. It’s important for a prospecting company to select the most suitable solution provider, even if it is not the biggest name in the cloud industry.